Bucks Owner’s Daughter, Mallory Edens, Takes Over The Internet

The Milwaukee Bucks had a 25 percent chance to land the first overall pick last night. They didn’t. Instead, it went to the Cleveland. But all anyone wanted to talk about after the draft lottery was Mallory Edens, the daughter of Bucks co-owner Wes Edens who represented the team at the podium last night.

After Edens showed up on our television screens, her Twitter profile immediately exploded:


It caught on quickly with the online basketball community. I may or may not have been part of the “22 more”:


Edens has only tweeted 15 times, so there’s not much information for us to work with. A typical tweet from her account:


The most interesting factoid we could find was her responding to Bill Simmons, who wrote an article earlier in the day on the karma rankings of the draft lottery teams. He placed the Bucks in fifth, and of course, had his Celtics in second place. Edens has since taken down her tweet, but because nothing truly ever disappears online, here’s a screenshot:


It’s only appropriate that this followed:


I’m all for bringing your daughters to represent your team at the draft lottery. It seems like a really cool experience that a lot of us will never get the chance to have. But do remember, social media can be a tricky thing. I’m expecting to see Edens on The Bachelorette in a few years.

What was your favorite moment from the draft lottery?

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