Byron Scott Has ‘No Relationship’ With Lakers Point Guard D’Angelo Russell

If you followed the Los Angeles Lakers at all last season, you’re well aware of the awkward relationship between former head coach Byron Scott and point guard D’Angelo Russell.

Instead of trying to develop the Lakers’ young core, Scott instead opted to cater to Kobe Bryant during his final year in the NBA. Scott’s dedication to the team’s veterans got so extreme that he ended up bringing Russell off the bench for 32 games.

Russell’s rookie season is behind him. And he’s excited to move forward with new head coach Luke Walton — expressing so much excitement that he claimed to have played as Walton in NBA2K.

As for Scott, he seems to be a bit more in his feelings about how last season went down, saying that he has “no relationship” with his former point guard.

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” Scott said. “My track record with guards speaks for itself. So, I don’t pay, really, no attention. I don’t have a relationship with D’Angelo.”

It makes sense that Scott and Russell don’t have a relationship after such a contentious season, but for Scott to say that he isn’t paying attention to what’s going on is kind of ridiculous. Scott, and a lot of those who supported him, thought he was wrongly fired despite leading the team to the worst two records in franchise history. Russell will have the new year to prove that he was worth the Lakers lottery pick in the 2015 draft playing for a new coach in a new system that seems a lot more tailored to his game.

(via TMZ)