Enjoy This Remarkable Supercut Of Carmelo Anthony Cursing At The Olympics

Carmelo Anthony was the elder statesman of USA Basketball at this summer’s Rio Olympics, and when all was said and done, announced that he was retiring from Team USA after helping the Americans bring home their third straight gold medal. He was a vocal leader of the U.S. squad from the get-go, and if you were listening closely, there were plenty of moments when his vocalizations spilled over into NSFW territory (depending on where you work).

Because the internet exists, some hero fan put together this amazing supercut of Anthony cursing during Olympic play this summer. You’ll have to forgive him for getting a little overzealous at times. After all, ‘Melo loves the Olympics. He’s the USA’s all-time leading scorer, partially because when surrounded by all that talent, he doesn’t have to worry about anything else besides getting buckets.

Of course, it’s a different story back in New York. We’ve talked previously about how members of Team USA tend to get a boost the following NBA season, and that’s something the Knicks will need as they try to carry a revamped roster back into contention. We can only hope that for our own personal amusement TNT and other networks decide to mic him up during a few broadcasts this season.