Carmelo Anthony Celebrated Syracuse’s Sweet 16 Win By Screaming DJ Khaled Quotes At His TV

03.26.16 2 years ago

Watching your alma mater succeed in the NCAA Tournament is one of the most wonderful feelings on earth. I wouldn’t know this, as my alma mater hasn’t made any type of college basketball postseason since I graduated, but based on this video of Carmelo Anthony, it seems pretty fantastic.

Syracuse and Gonzaga played one hell of a game in the Sweet 16 on Friday night, and the Orange managed to come out on top, 63-60. Anthony is almost certainly the most famous person who attended Syracuse on the planet, and he apparently watched the game at home with his wife, La La.

He reacted to the Orange’s win by screaming one of DJ Khaled’s most famous sayings at his television. Anthony called out “they” a few times, first saying that “they” didn’t want Syracuse to win before claiming that “they” wanted to keep the Orange out of the Tournament and that “they” suspended “us,” which is likely a reference to the nine-game suspension that Jim Boeheim served earlier this year.

Anthony’s “us against the world” mentality may be a little off-base – Boeheim’s suspension stemmed from compliance issues at the school that reportedly happened under his watch, and the Orange didn’t exactly have the strongest résumé of any at-large team that made the Tournament – but it’s great to see that his love of his school is still so strong.

(via SB Nation)

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