Carmelo Anthony Has Reportedly Been In Touch With Knicks Teammates As Training Camp Approaches

09.09.17 9 months ago

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Despite all the speculation and the desires of many, Carmelo Anthony is still a member of the New York Knicks. We’ve even seen glimpses of Hoodie Melo this summer, but we’ve had nary a concrete detail about which team Anthony will play for next.

As training camp closes in and the NBA’s tumultuous summer is apparently behind us, it’s now becoming clear to fans and even Anthony himself that he’s going to at least start the season on the Knicks. After a summer full of rumors, the trade market appears to have cooled on Anthony altogether.

It also appears that Anthony is preparing for the season with the intent that he indeed will have to play basketball within New York City limits. David Pick reported on Saturday that Anthony has been in touch with his teammates as we’re getting closer and closer to the start of the season.

More specifically, Anthony has been in touch with the players on the Knicks who are participating in EuroBasket 2017.

First of all, “texts of encouragement” was my homecoming theme senior year, but it is nice that Melo is staying engaged with his teammates. Texting is basically the bare minimum of human interaction these days, so if he’s giving his thumbs a workout, he should be ready to play with his teammates come this fall.

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