Carmelo Anthony Says ‘A Deal Was Done With Houston’ But It Fell Through At The Last Minute

09.28.17 6 months ago 2 Comments

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Carmelo Anthony is now a member of the Thunder after a wild summer filled with trade rumors ended with a shocking twist that saw him land in Oklahoma City. Anthony joins Russell Westbrook and Paul George on a revamped OKC squad that figures to be a legitimate challenger in the West this season with one of the most formidable offensive trios in the league.

The reason Anthony’s trade to the Thunder was so stunning was his apparent insistence on making a deal happen with Houston. With his no-trade clause, Carmelo could pick his next team, and force the Knicks make a deal happen or keep him in New York. The Rockets, with James Harden and Anthony’s good buddy Chris Paul, were his team of choice for most of the summer.

Eventually, Anthony expanded his list of acceptable destinations to include Oklahoma City, and New York was able to get a deal done. However, as Anthony told SiriusXM NBA Radio, he was preparing with his camp to be back with the Knicks at media day on Friday, expecting a deal to not happen. As Melo tells it, earlier in the summer a “deal was done” with the Rockets, but fell through for mysterious reasons behind the scenes that Anthony still isn’t sure about.

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