Cleveland’s Relentless Trolling Of The Warriors Blowing A 3-1 Lead Extended To The Cavs’ Halloween Party

WIth all the things happening in this mixed-up, crazy world of ours, it’s important to remember the simple facts of life: Pizza is delicious, laughter is important, and the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals. It’s been a splendid meme that hasn’t gotten old (certainly not to fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, orchestrators and beneficiaries of Golden State’s collapse), and it probably won’t until the Warriors win another championship.

Until then, however, the Cavs aren’t going to let the Dubs forget about that 3-1 lead they blew. First, it was the championship rings, set with gems colored in the order of Cleveland’s wins in the series, and this time it was their legendary Halloween party that was the bridge under which the Cavs trolled.

Yes, the costumes were excellent, but that’s true every year LeBron throws a monster mash (or discovers a dance meme). This year, the special part was in the decorations, as that 3-1 lead was written on a skeleton’s drum set for all to see. Why a drum set, we don’t know, and frankly we don’t care. Any excuse to throw Golden State’s collapse in their face is a good one, though we would have personally preferred a sheet cake.