The Cavs Are So Desperate For Point Guard Help That They Called The Sixers, Who Said No

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have a depth problem. LeBron James has been hollering about it for the better part of a month to anyone that will listen, taking to Twitter and going on expletive filled tirades to the media after games to try and send the message to the front office that they need help.

James wants a playmaker, specifically, someone that can take some of the ball-handling pressure off of Kyrie Irving and himself, so when either he or Irving are not on the floor there is a secondary option to run the offense. The only Cavs addition this season has been Kyle Korver from the Hawks, who adds spacing and an additional shooter to the offense, but isn’t a threat off the bounce at all (in fact, teams would love for Korver to try and dribble against them).

The problem is, because the Cavs don’t have much of anything in the way of depth and have traded away their 2017 first-draft pick to the Hawks, they’re having trouble making a deal. Case in point being their latest reported effort at bringing in a reserve point guard by calling up the Sixers and getting rebuffed.

According to Pompey, the Cavs were attempting to flip Jordan McRae for McConnell, which is hilarious on a few levels. If the Cavs have attempted to bringing in McConnell, that signals that they are probably running out of ideas on the trade market. If a trade can’t bring them a reasonable backup, then the only option is to hope a shining knight appears on the horizon, ready to jump back into the NBA and hlep out the Cavs.

If only such a person existed. If so, he would probably be somewhat diminutive in stature, but also be a former dunk contest champion and would actively campaign for every possible point guard opening on Instagram. That is the kind of player that could save the Cavs season, if only he was real.