Kyrie Irving Can’t Please Everyone, But He Changes Everything For The Celtics This Postseason

04.19.19 3 months ago

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BOSTON — Not everyone in Boston is happy with Kyrie Irving. Even after a 37-point Game 2 performance to power the Celtics past the Indiana Pacers in comeback fashion, it’s always easy to find the latest Irving detractor claiming he’s not the answer for the Celtics.

Kyrie was “incredible,” according to Celtics coach Brad Stevens. It’s a correct assessment, because Irving was brilliant. But there are skeptics everywhere. Kyrie, perhaps, knows that better than anyone. And in this post-truth world, it’s easier to understand why seemingly indisputable facts are still in question, but that only makes it more worth saying: Kyrie Irving is the best chance the Celtics have at a title, right now and moving forward.

The future is always alluring, and despite constant rumors about a player like Anthony Davis getting to Boston and the desire for more, Irving is healthy, and he’s the most important player on the floor in this first round series. After a Game 1 rock fight where the Pacers wilted in the third quarter, they staged a Game 2 performance that required Irving’s consistent brilliance. He delivered on Wednesday night in a way that could set the tone for Boston’s postseason run this spring.

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