The Celtics’ Choice Of Attire Was A Not-So-Subtle Shot At The Wizards

A lot has changed since January 24, but the heated nature of the rivalry between the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards has not. As you may recall, the Wizards entered a late January clash with the Celtics wearing all-black attire, and thankfully for their sake, Washington was able to back it up to the tune of a lopsided home win.

Nearly four months later, though, the Celtics are returning the favor and, apparently, predicting the pending “funeral” of the Wizards as a potential close-out game approaches on Friday evening.

Boston currently boasts control of the series with a 3-2 lead, but on the road, it could also be argued that the Wizards are the favorite (and Vegas would agree) to even things up at 3-3 with a victory on Friday. Still, that takes a backseat to the perceived pettiness of the act from the Celtics, and some of Washington’s players apparently weren’t particularly thrilled.

On the flip side, Wizards head coach Scott Brooks took a more light-hearted approach to things.

The Celtics famously found Washington’s actions “cute” when they took place back in January, but they are doing virtually the same thing this time around. Does this stuff actually matter? Probably not. In fact, it probably matters even less in a playoff setting given the implicit motivation of both teams. That doesn’t make it any less interesting, though, and this should be a fun one if things go sideways for Boston.