Chandler Parsons Will Pursue Legal Action For The Car Accident Threatening His Career

More details have come out about the car accident Hawks forward Chandler Parsons was in earlier in January. Parsons was struck by a drunk driver that has been charged with a DUI, and his lawyers say the injuries have put his career at risk. The injury left Parsons with a concussion, whiplash, a torn labrum, and disc herniation.

As a result of the injuries, Parsons has hired a law firm and plans to pursue legal action against the party that struck him. His lawyers describe his injuries as “traumatic” and “permanent” which is always scary to hear about a player that has dealt with injuries his entire career.

According to Parsons lawyers, the impact of this car accident was a series of injuries that could end Parsons’ career.

The at-fault driver created utter chaos on the roadway, needlessly endangering the lives of countless motorists; he now stands charged with DUI, admitted drinking, had alcohol in the car with him, passed out after causing a three-car crash at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday in a busy intersection, seriously injuring and potentially ending Mr Parsons’ career as a professional athlete.

It makes sense that Parsons would pursue legal action for this. He’s never been the healthiest player in the NBA, but he’s managed to carve out a relatively permanent spot in the league. The effects of this accident could drastically affect the future of his career and his entire life. As his lawyers said, the aftereffect of injuries like these can be felt for years to come.

Hopefully, Parsons is able to make a full recovery and return to the floor some day so he can go out on his own terms.