Charles Barkley Had A Blast Making Fun Of ESPN In The Wee Hours Of ‘Inside The NBA’

Thursday night was packed with significant NBA action and stories so compelling they could be played out in a wrestling ring, but only one story still has people talking. Obviously, I mean the Orlando Magic winning their second consecutive game. Huge stuff. Oh, and the Golden State Warriors showed they’re fed up with all the shade and 3-1 jokes by pummeling the no-longer-perfect Oklahoma City Thunder 122-96 on the back of Kevin Durant’s 39 points. Clearly, that still won’t stop the trash talking, and that’s great because the Durant/Russell Westbrook feud must last us all season.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, meanwhile, remained perfect with a 128-122 win in their mildly-hyped matchup against the Boston Celtics, and the Milwaukee Bucks even put on a scoring showcase in beating the Indiana Pacers 125-107. That means that the Inside the NBA crew on TNT had plenty to talk about into the early Friday morning hours, and naturally their exhaustion showed when Charles Barkley just took over with an absurd and hilarious rant about ESPN.

It’s hard to even tell what Barkley is talking about through most of this segment, but him shouting, “Muy bien, gracias!” while Shaq laughs uncontrollably made staying up late to watch NBA analysis worthwhile.