Charles Barkley Offered Kobe A Job After Giving Him And Nike Props

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Charles Barkley went Full Chuck Mode on Inside the NBA Tuesday evening. It persisted the whole night.

You wanted goofy Barkley? You were going to get it, right down to the insistence that jump-shooting teams still can’t win titles even after the Warriors won last year (and plenty of other jump-shooting teams won in seasons before).

Barkley’s always had a sense of humor. So, when he busted out a pair of Nikes and started to praise Kobe Bryant the night before the Laker great’s last ever game, it wasn’t all too surprising.

I just want to say this to the great Kobe Bryant: Thank you for an amazing career. It’s been an honor and a privilege for me to get to watch you play. And man, enjoy retirement. You hit the lottery of life. You hit the powerball.

After some jousting from the rest of the crew about his Nikes, which were custom for Kobe’s retirement (and which go great with a suit, by the way), Barkley continued:

But you know what? I actually think that’s cool of Nike. It’s been an amazing career.

Of course, he said all this amidst jeering from his colleagues. Surely, Nike — and Barkley has always been a Nike guy — enjoyed this bit as much as anyone.