Charles Barkley Talked To Richard Spencer Because He Wants To ‘Know Who My Enemies Are’

05.09.17 12 months ago


Charles Barkley and the producers of American Race have already defended their decision to showcase Richard Spencer before the show even airs.

Previews of Barkley’s four-hour TNT documentary about race in America hit the internet over the weekend, highlighted by clip including the neo-Nazi celebrating white privilege that left Barkley temporarily speechless.

Barkley told Sports Illustrated‘s Richard Deitch that—while he didn’t like Spencer—he was “glad” to have him on American Race because of the perspective the white nationalist brought to light.

“I am glad we had him on the show because I want to know who my enemies are,” Barkley said. “I give him credit for having the balls and gumption to go on television and say his thing because there are a lot of people who think like him and we don’t even know they are around. I don’t like this dude, obviously, but he doesn’t hide behind it. There are so many people in America who think like him but we don’t know who they are.”

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