Charles Barkley Lost It When Shaq Claimed He’d ‘Bust Wilt Chamberlain’s Ass’

The Inside the NBA guys have a lot of fun yelling at each other over stuff. Our latest example of this came on Tuesday evening before TNT kicked off the 2021-22 NBA regular season. Things started with the first third of the NBA’s 75th anniversary team being released, and after Kareem Abdul-Jabbar unsurprisingly made the list, Ernie Johnson had a simple question for Shaquille O’Neal: If you were to rank the greatest centers in Los Angeles Lakers history, how would that look.

Shaq put Kareem No. 1, which, no complaints there. He then placed himself second and Wilt Chamberlain third, and Charles Barkley responded by blowing a gasket. In response to that, Shaq started screaming. A lot of screaming! It was pretty good.

“Oh, you’re not better than Wilt!” Barkley screamed. “Stop it!”

“I got four…” Shaq said, in reference to the number of championship rings he won with the team. He then pointed to the statue of himself. A lot more screaming happened between the two, more than we usually see on Inside, and then, Kenny Smith jumped in.

“You better than Wilt?” Smith asked, presumably because he was enjoying this whole display.

“Yeah, I’m better than Wilt,” Shaq said. “I’d bust Wilt’s ass. Yeah. Hell yeah.”

Despite the season only just officially starting, the Inside crew is already in midseason form.