Frank Kaminsky And Jeremy Lamb Were Unimpressed By This Chinese Fan’s Half-Court Shot

Talk about timing. The Los Angeles Clippers and the Charlotte Hornets played the second of their two preseason exhibition games in China Wednesday, which was broadcast on NBA TV. In a bit of a blunder, the camera workers, who just a moment prior were positioned perfectly at the 200-level, aimed directly at center court for the classic view of the game action we’ve all come to know and love, cut away just as a fan proceeded to sink a half-court shot.

And good thing they did. Otherwise, viewers would’ve been left wondering what Frank Kaminsky, Jeremy Lamb and Marvin Williams were up to at that very moment, which turned out to be a whole lot of nothing aside from looking bored and listless on the sidelines.

The videographers all clearly missed it, because the game archive on NBA League Pass shows the same video, which is just a few moments worth of the aforementioned teammates, and only one of them – Williams – appeared to actually see the shot. If the other two did happen to catch it, they were certainly less-than-impressed. Or they were just practicing their mean-mugging.

Yahoo Sports also posted about the same video, which shows no evidence of said shot going in. The whole thing’s starting to reach Nixonian levels of intrigue and suspense, but rest assured, we’ll stay on the case until the actual highlight finds its way online. The Hornets, meanwhile, went on to the annihilate the Clippers 113-71.