Check Out The Jeremy Lin “Extreme Workout” With Papa Lin

The overnight rise to fame Jeremy Lin experienced in New York two spring’s ago doesn’t pay the proper amount of respect to all the hard work he did to get where he is today: the starting point guard with the championship contending Houston Rockets. Thanks to this hysterical extreme workout, now we get to see how Jeremy’s Old Man taught him some of the finer points of the game —like the importance of a hook shot.

Jeremy Lin’s father might have a future in standup. His deadpan delivery during this spoof is perfect, as is Lin’s stoic countenance. When Lin’s father tells the camera, “If he [Lin] can do the hook shot, I think he can be an NBA superstar,” you believe him for a second.

Aside from the hook shot, Papa Lin also tests Jeremy’s ball handling ability by making him balance an egg in a spoon dangling from his mouth while dribbling. When Jeremy is up to the challenge, Papa Lin and others start throwing water balloons at him. It’s that sort of video.

Bonus points for the Mr. Miyagi-esque tutelage from Jeremy’s awesome pops.

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