The Chicago Bulls’ New MVP Is An Adorable Young Boy Named Henry

10.26.16 1 year ago

If Doug McDermott ends up missing time with an intestinal blockage or some other sort of severe internal ailment, we know who to blame. On Wednesday, the Chicago Bulls introduced fans to a new and hopefully recurring segment entitled “Late Night Snack with Henry,” and it stars an adorable young boy named Henry (duh) who interviews Bulls players about their favorite snacks. Now, if that’s not enough to win you over just based on the premise, then you seriously need to see a doctor because your heart is shriveled and dark beyond repair.

Just based on this debut video, Henry, with his Erik Spoelstra haircut, is already better than 90 percent of the people covering the NBA on television, and it’s not a stretch to say that sharing a desk with Charles Barkley would be Henry’s perfect job. I bet those two could talk about snacks for hours. Henry even manages to make Rajon Rondo seem likable as they bond over crackers and cheese dip, so imagine what he could do for a big, old meanie like Barkley.

But let’s hope that Denzel Valentine was a little more responsible with his tattoo advice for Henry, because if this kid shows up with Mickey Mouse ink on his face or neck, the fun will already be over.

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