Chris Douglas-Roberts Will Wear Short Shorts With Clippers Next Season

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Chris Douglas-Roberts

Chris Douglas-Roberts (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

Chris Douglas-Roberts signed with the Los Angeles Clippers this offseason. Whether he’ll crack the regular rotation is up in the air, but if he does, CDR is set on making a fashion statement by going with short shorts this season.

CDR went on Twitter last night to declare his need for medium sized shorts:

For those people who need their memory jogged, here’s what John Stockton‘s short shorts looked like in his prime:

CDR is known to push the boundaries when it comes to fashion. Here he is in a retro Nike jacket. This also doubles as his current Twitter profile picture:

As for a preview of what the short shorts might look like, this gives us a good idea:

Aside from having a keen sense of fashion, CDR has been active in helping out with incoming NBA rookies. Earlier this year, he was invited — along with Nazr Mohammed and Keyon Dooling — to speak to the rookie class at the draft combine about life in the NBA.

Via Holly MacKenzie of The Triangle Offense, CDR talked about his role as a mentor to the rookies:

I felt honored. I really did because I feel like I have a responsibility to the youngsters anyway. Especially these youngsters who are coming in our league. They didn’t want me to necessarily share my story, but they just wanted me to come in and talk about life in the NBA, women, preparation, transitioning from college to the NBA, etc. I just wanted to at least give them the opportunity to avoid the mistakes that I made when I was coming up. I gave them my all, too. I wore ripped jeans and Chuck Taylors with a button-up and a gold chain so they could look at me and see them. I’m not a 16-year vet like Nazr or a retired vet like Keyon Dooling wearing suits. I’m hip like them so I think it meant a little bit more to them. They received me well, too. I just basically gave them the game that I’ve learned from my journey up until that point in a real way…real delivery.

On the other hand, I felt accomplished because that’s something I envisioned myself doing. Speaking publicly, uplifting people to go pursue their dreams. Telling them that hard work does trump all if you don’t disrespect the process. That was actually a goal of mine. I’m just happy the NBA reached out to me, ya know? A Detroit kid with the crazy hair and tattoos. That gesture alone says they respect my mind and that’s always flattering. I felt like Kanye when he said “they got the dropout keeping kids in the schools,” when a local high school asked him to come speak to the students. It’s like it is a new wave of intellects. We can wear ripped jeans and gold chains and still be taken seriously.

Next thing you know, he’ll be inspiring a generation of ballers to bring back short shorts.

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