This Sweater Of Chris Kaman’s Face Is Just As Terrifying As You’d Think

Chris Kaman is many things, but we’re not sure the reserve Blazers big man is sweater-worthy. We don’t intend this as a slight on Kaman, personally, more that he’s not exactly a face you’d want to wear around your torso on a piece of clothing. We wouldn’t want to do that with our face, either.

That didn’t stop one Blazer fan from doing just that, rocking a Kaman sweater to the Moda Center during the Blazers’ 109-86 win over the Suns last night.

A couple things:

1) At least it wasn’t a picture of Kaman after he just killed a Bobcat:

2) Kaman has shorn his beard (although, we sorta liked the beard), and cut his insane tresses, so he doesn’t still look like a monstrous albino Cousin It waking nightmare he was earlier in his career. Kaman’s earlier look was basically a IDGAF middle finger to pretty, brand-oriented NBA players — something we can appreciate.

Sam Cassell, Chris Kaman, Kobe Bryant
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Chris Kaman
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Personally, we love Kaman, but his visage can only be on a sweater ironically. We also feel the same way about ourselves, so that’s no slight on Kaman. You keep doing you Chris.

(H/T The Sporting News)