Chris Paul Flexed On P.J. Tucker By Copping The Rare $50,000 Derek Jeter Jordan 11s

03.06.18 1 year ago

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P.J. Tucker is the NBA’s king of rare sneakers, because while many have great collections few are as willing to put them to the test as Tucker on the NBA court.

The Rockets forward will wear the rarest of rare Jordans and Nikes in NBA action, even if sometimes that results in the shoe falling apart on him — the cost of doing business with sneakers that are sometimes old. However, in Houston, Tucker has some competition when it comes to the Jordans portion of the sneaker game, as Chris Paul, long a Jordan athlete, is now with the Rockets.

Tucker dropped by Complex’s Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma for this week’s episode to talk about his sneaker collection, some of his favorites he’s played in and also buy $16,000 in sneakers at Flight Club. Among the stories he told were the time Michael Jordan asked him where he got a pair of rare Jordans and how Chris Paul flexed incredibly hard on him this year by copping the $50,000 Derek Jeter Jordan 11s immediately after Tucker showed them to him on his phone (3:56 mark of the below video).

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