The Cavaliers Hate Golden State So Much They Scrub Warriors References From Drake Songs

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You may have heard that the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors do not like one another. The two teams have played for the last two NBA championships and may be on a collision course for a third Finals matchup. There’s also some bad blood between the two faces of their respective franchises, as LeBron James apparently is one of many players who do not like Steph Curry.

The dislike between the two teams is so bad that the Cavs have apparently started scrubbing Dubs references from Drake’s music. Sports Illustrated noticed this from the Indiana Pacers’ Snapchat account, which includes the Drake song “Free Smoke” playing in the background. Do you notice anything weird?

If you’ve never heard the song, here’s the exact line in question. Pay special attention to what happens right after Drake says “I know the question rhetorical.”

Drake very clearly shouts out Oracle Arena, the stadium where the Warriors play. Head back up to the video from the Pacers’ Snapchat – it very obviously censors out the reference to the Warriors’ arena.

But let’s give the Cavaliers the benefit of the doubt, because this may have just been a one-time thing. It’s not like the folks over at Ball Don’t Lie noticed a clip of the same song being played before a Cavs home game from, say, their March 25 game against the Washington Wizards or anything … wait, what?

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So this one is great because it scrubs out the reference to Oracle, but it also gets rid of the two references to Kevin Durant. Drake says “Used to chef KD / Now me and Chef, KD,” and KD is very obviously censored twice. It doesn’t sound like they got rid of the Curry reference, though – unless, of course, “Chef” means Guy Fieri or something. In which case that should probably get scrubbed, too, because we all know that he’s a huge Warriors fan.

(Via Ball Don’t Lie)