The Cavs Finally Have A General Manager Just In Time To (Maybe) Trade Kyrie Irving

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The Cleveland Cavaliers finally have a new general manager. Unfortunately for Koby Altman, his first task might be trading Kyrie Irving. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Friday that the team will finally settle its front office by hiring Koby Altman.

Altman served as assistant GM in Cleveland under David Griffin before Griffin and the Cavs unceremoniously parted ways shortly before the NBA Draft.

This is great news for the Cavaliers on a day that suddenly makes the franchise seem in worse shape than it was without a true GM at the help. News broke Friday afternoon that Irving notified the team he’d like to be traded in a meeting last week.

Irving said the franchise was in a “peculiar” spot earlier in the week, but now it seems the team is in a spot entirely created by Irving’s desire to play elsewhere.

The Cavaliers are a significantly worse team if Irving ends up elsewhere, and it’s tough to imagine a return equalling his presence on the floor. And with free agency once again looming for James next summer, what happens with Irving could shape the NBA landscape for years to come. Unless LeBron thinks Derrick Rose is enough to put the Cavaliers over the top once more, it seems like all this could be the beginning of the end of another James era in Cleveland.

Meanwhile, James is just causally tweeting about Ray Allen like the entire franchise in Cleveland isn’t about to take a significant step back.

Maybe Altman has what it takes to salvage this whole thing, but right now it appears it will be a huge undertaking.