Some Of The NBA’s Finest Did A Spontaneous Three-Point Contest For Craig Sager

Following the Three-Point Shootout on NBA All-Star Saturday Night, some of the NBA’s biggest stars, former legends and stars of the entertainment world did an incredible impromptu 3-point shootout to raise money for the Sager Strong Foundation in honor of Craig Sager.

After a touching video tribute, the three finalists from the Three-Point Shootout were joined by Reggie Miller and other stars courtside in street clothes like James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, Candace Parker, DJ Khaled, Michael B. Jordan, and others to raise money for cancer research. For each basket made by the stars and entertainers they donated $10,000 to the foundation, as they rotated shooting off of a rack at the top of the key.


In total, 13 shots were made raising $130,000 in total, including one made by DJ Khaled.

After that, they had Steph Curry come out to try and make a half-court shot to bump the total up to $500,000. Curry couldn’t come through, but then they brought out Sager’s youngest son Ryan and had Shaq lift him up to the rim to get the total to half a million in a touching moment.

Ernie Johnson and Foot Locker gave the check at midcourt to the Sager Strong Foundation and members the Sager family in an incredibly emotional presentation.

All-Star Saturday Night is one of the most entertaining nights of the year in the NBA, but this will forever be one of the most memorable moments in the history of the event. However, Sager’s two oldest children were not on the court, and that was a sore point for his daughter Kacy.