Richard Jefferson Thinks The GoFundMe To Pay Dahntay Jones’ Fines Is Hilarious

06.12.17 11 months ago

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Dahntay Jones made just over $9,000 this season in salary from the Cleveland Cavaliers as a late season addition to the roster. He has subsequently managed to rack up $9,000 in fines by way of technical fouls despite barely playing for the Cavs.

That means of his base salary, Jones has only profited $127 this season, which is not very much. When this became known during Game 4 of the NBA Finals, most people laughed at the fact that Jones had managed to squander his salary by picking up three technical fouls that cost $3,000 each. However, there are some in Cleveland who want to help Dahntay, and so there is a GoFundMe dedicated to paying off Jones’ fines so that he doesn’t have to use up all his hard earned cash from this season to do so.

This made its way to the Cavs’ locker room pretty quickly, and fellow veteran Richard Jefferson found it very funny when someone text him the link to the GoFundMe page and posted his reaction in the form of emojis to Snapchat.

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