Dallas Councilman Wants To Take NBA All-Star Game From ‘Shoeless Hillbillies’

Thanks to North Carolina’s infatuation with where people want to go to the bathroom, the NBA is looking to relocate the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte to a new venue. New Orleans appears to be the front-runner but that’s not stopping a Dallas councilman from making a pitch for his city.

Philip Kingston represents Dallas’ 14th District and he let the local CBS affiliate know that if those “shoeless hillbillies” in North Carolina want to let the All-Star Game leave, his city will be happy to take it.

“I’d love it. I’d absolutely love it,” Kingston said. “We will take whatever business we can get from those shoeless hillbillies.”

Is shoeless hillbillies offensive? Maybe, but that seems like the perfect term for people who won’t allow transgender people to use a public bathroom that doesn’t match the sex on their birth certificate. If you close your eyes and picture someone screaming at a rally about this, you picture someone not wearing shoes. They’re definitely wearing overalls, though.

And if you watch to the end of the video, Kingston seems ready to drop another “hillbilly” reference but opts for a different term.

It should be noted the Dallas Mavericks have two players that played college basketball at North Carolina — Raymond Felton and the newly signed Harrison Barnes.

Also: Nice job by the newsman in the video, who clearly spent time setting up the live shot with the arena in the background only to have a bus stop right behind him as he began his report.

(Via CBS Dallas-Fort Worth)