Damian Lillard Revealed The Cover Art For His Second Album, Which Drops This Week

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Damian Lillard has staked out a reputation for being the best rapper in the NBA. While Lillard’s ability on the basketball court has made him a two-time All-Star, his ability in the studio has received rave reviews. He released his debut album The Letter O came out in October of 2016, and nearly one year later, Dame D.O.L.L.A. is going to release his sophomore record.

Confirmed comes out on Friday, Oct. 6, the same day as Lillard’s new signature sneaker by Adidas. We’ve already heard one track, a collaboration with Lil Wayne. As for the rest, that’s still up in the air, as Lillard hasn’t given any more sneak peeks into the music that you’ll hear on the album.

Lillard did, however, give us all a look at the album art for Confirmed, which pays tribute to some of the Blazers star’s heroes in the rap game.

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