Damian Lillard Adds To His Greatest Hits Of Twitter Troll Takedowns

Damian Lillard is not one to suffer fools (or trolls) on Twitter. Every now and then, a troll will come at Lillard, only to get burned by the Trail Blazers’ star point guard.

First, there was the guy who thought he’d make fun of Lillard not playing any minutes for Team USA.

Then, despite Lillard hitting one of the biggest shots in the playoffs last year, someone accused Lillard of not showing up in big games. Lillard could have simply linked the troll to his series-ending shot over the Rockets, or any of his other game-winners, but instead he chose to own him.

You’d think people would learn by now, right? Apparently not, because someone else tried to take on Lillard yet again. It went about as well as you’d expect.

The lesson here, as always, is that Lillard’s as cold-blooded on social media as he is on the court.

(Mike Ryan)