Dan Gilbert Congratulates Miami And OKC, Leaves LeBron Out

06.22.12 7 years ago

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert fired off a congratulatory tweet last night to Miami and OKC, and it was relatively tame. But, as the majority of critics have pointed out, there was no mention of LeBron James. Before you jump on your moral high horse and condemn Dan Gilbert for not paying homage to his departed star, Gilbert must have known the immense scrutiny that would surround his postgame reaction. But there will always be a part of him that feels betrayed – Cleveland was LeBron’s home, the town to which he was supposed to bring a title. So he gave a run-of-the-mill reaction, one that didn’t acknowledge James, and one that contrasted his normally in-your-face style. Here’s the Tweet:

The fact of the matter is that Gilbert went vanilla to avoid controversy, and that’s fine by us. Even if he’s still unwilling to give LeBron a tip of the cap.

What did you think of Dan Gilbert’s reaction to LeBron’s first ring?

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