Delta Airlines Has Already Crowned The Golden State Warriors The 2016 NBA Champions



Ok, so now that we have your attention with an obviously facetious lede, here’s another thing that is predicting the outcome of a series involving the Golden State Warriors. According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN, Delta flights have already decided to crown the Dubs the NBA Champions, even before they take the floor against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 Thursday night.

This is absolutely a small oversight and nothing for any of us to take seriously. Some Delta intern was probably tasked with putting this video of the team’s 2015 title run on their flights to the Bay Area, but they found out the Warriors won a big Game 7 on Monday night, assumed it meant that they won the 2016 Finals, and went to town. It’s the most harmless mistake ever…

…until you remember that the NBA’s official Facebook page said the Warriors were going to make it to the Finals a day before they beat the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Kinda weird that this is the second time in three days that something like this has happened, no? And oh look, Delta has a deal that provides NBA teams with roomier flights. What do they know?


Probably nothing. But if the officiating in the Finals seems a bit…one-sided, just know that it’s still all in the mind, you know.