Did DeMar DeRozan Swish The Greatest Basket Of The Season That Didn’t Count?

Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan hit one of the best circus shots of the 2015-16 NBA season Wednesday against the Boston Celtics — and it didn’t even count.

Late in the third quarter, DeRozan was fouled while driving to the basket. Still, he shot the ball — effortlessly, mind you — with the outside hope that it might turn into an and-one continuation. It didn’t, but mercy, that ball went to the rafters before dropping perfectly in the hoop.


These are the types of plays that should count for no other reason than how awesome they are. Toronto would go on to win, 115-109.

DeRozan’s shot was ridiculous, but was it the best non-basket of the season? Recall James Harden’s 80-footer that didn’t count going into halftime against Golden State. You can even go back to last season when Danilo Gallinari hit a majestic turnaround 3-pointer, which didn’t count because he stepped out of bounds. Or, there’s Jeff Green’s desperation shot from across the court that failed to beat the game clock.

These types of basketball have incredibly low odds, but to essentially fling the ball upward without any real intent on getting it toward the net — yet seeing that same shot fall true — is as absurd as anything you’ll see around the Association.