DeMarcus Cousins Really Wants You To Know He’s Made Peace With George Karl


All summer, there have been rumors about an irreparable rift between DeMarcus Cousins and George Karl. It started when reports emerged that Karl was trying to trade the Kings’ star center and was exacerbated by Cousins’ emoji-fueled Twitter response. They both tried to squash the beef at the Las Vegas Summer League when – after sitting on opposite sides of the arena the previous day and scarcely acknowledging one another’s existence – they shared an awkward handshake that only served to make everyone involved feel even ickier than before.

But the photo above, posted to Cousins’ Instagram account today with the caption “Give them something to talk about,” belies no such residual awkwardness. New Kings GM Vlade Divac has remained adamant that Cousins won’t be traded prior to the season, nor will Karl be given his pink slip. There’s obviously a great deal of work to be done to rebuild the trust between all parties involved, but a show of solidarity like the one above isn’t a bad place to start.

After all, bickering with one another through the media is a silly tactic that is wildly inferior than actually sitting down face-to-face and airing grievances, which appears to be what they’re currently doing. Still, there’s no guarantee their relationship won’t continue to falter, especially as the Kings face a bumpy road back into contention.

Both parties are extraordinarily stubborn people, and they’ll have to weather one another’s egos, as well as the ensuing media firestorm that will surely accompany them. But it can’t be emphasized enough that Karl is one of the winningest coaches in NBA history, and that Boogie is one of the top players at his position in the league. If they can let bygones be bygones, it might just be a recipe for success. As the late Bertram Cooper once said, “One never knows how loyalty is born.”

(via DeMarcus Cousins)