The Bulls Announcers Had A Hysterical Reaction To A Terrible Denzel Valentine Heat Check Three

The Chicago Bulls fell behind by more than 20 to the Heat in Miami on Saturday afternoon, after a dismal performance early in the game, but clawed their way back behind 57 combined points from Coby White and Nikola Vucevic to put the outcome in doubt late.

In the closing minutes, Denzel Valentine made some big baskets, including this sequence to pull the Bulls within two possessions.

However, that heat check three in transition was an omen of bad things to come, as Valentine got the ball with a minute to play after a Chicago stop and proceeded to go full Carlton Banks with a pull-up, heat check three from 30 feet that missed everything to result in a backbreaking turnover for Chicago on a possession they desperately needed to result in a bucket.

Adam Amin and Stacey King, who it should be noted have been a League Pass joy for NBA fans all season, have a perfect reaction as King just starts saying “no” over and over while Amin reacts in abject horror as Valentine rises and fires from “Steph Curry range.”

The reverse angle from behind Valentine really hammers home how far off the shot was, as it never even comes close to being on line with the rim.

Afterwards, on the NBC postgame show, Kendall Gill asked the question every Bulls fan was thinking, “What the hell was Denzel Valentine doing?”

It is the absolute worst example of a role player trying his hand at hero ball after hitting a couple shots. Valentine finished with nine points, four rebounds, and three assists off the bench to help Chicago close the gap, but unfortunately the lasting memory from this game will be this all-time bad shot in a key moment.