Derrick Rose Starts Game 4 With This Mid-Air Hand Switch For A Ludicrous Lefty Layup

05.10.15 3 years ago

The Cavs lead the Bulls 49-45 at the half, but Derrick Rose was firing in the first quarter when Chicago got out to a 28-26 lead.

Rose scored 11 of his 15 first-half points in the opening 12 minutes, matching the 11 scored by LeBron. But Rose was a tad more efficient (4/6 vs. 4/8) and certainly more spectacular with the way he put the ball in the bucket. Witness the mid-air decision to switch hands in an effort to avoid Timofey Mozgov’s outstretched arm:

Right now, we’re just cackling with delight any time a Bulls fan compares Rose’s bucket to MJ’s iconic layup in the 1991 Finals. We actually think D-Rose’s was more difficult to pull off, but the context of MJ’s was so much bigger all analogies go into the ever-growing brain mush pile from NBA Twitter.

Still, this was very fun to watch:




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