Derrick Rose Is Embracing The Triangle Because He Doesn’t Have A Choice

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The New York Knicks aren’t good and Derrick Rose wasn’t traded at the deadline. As if that wasn’t bad enough for Rose, who seemingly doesn’t want to shoot 3-pointers anymore, he will spend the rest of the reason learning the triangle at the direction of team president Phil Jackson.

And look how excited Rose is about it in the Daily News!

“S–t, do I have a choice? Do I have a choice?”

“S–t, do I have a choice?” is how you respond when your dentist says you need a root canal, not when your team say you need to learn a new offense. The Knicks are four games out of a playoff spot and Rose is a free agent after the season, so it’s fair to say that by the time Rose is comfortable in the new offense, the season will be over and he will be looking to sign with a new team in the summer.

Rose’s agent a week ago said his client wanted to stay in New York, but that was before “S–t, do I have a choice?” became the new battle cry of the Knicks. Maybe that’s better than Carmelo Anthony’s slogan of, “Nobody likes to be in limbo.”

But hey, as long as Rose attacks the triangle with confidence, his ability should … oh man.

“I still don’t have the feeling yet of the entire offense, but I pick and choose while I’m out there. You think, ‘Don’t F’ up the game.’ That’s a great way to put it,” he said. “Just don’t mess up the game and looking at a lot of film, you learn. That’s what great players do. I believe that I’m great. Great players find a way no matter what situation they’re put in.”

The 2016-17 New York Knicks: Don’t F Up The Game.

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