The NBA Has Suspended Draymond Green For Game 5 And It’s The Best News The Cavs Could Have Hoped For

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06.12.16 25 Comments

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During Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night, LeBron James and Draymond Green got into a spat after James stepped over Green. Green lashed out and – apparently, inadvertently – hit James in the groin. Green has had a reputation as a dirty player for a while now, a reputation that has only gotten more pronounced after his kick to Steven Adams’ groin in the Western Conference Finals that helped his flagrant foul count come close to the tipping point.

Following Game 4, the NBA announced they were interviewing players about the James/Green incident, a strong suggestion that the league was considering reviewing the altercation and levying additional penalties. The results of that review finally came on Sunday, and Green will indeed receive an automatic suspension for the Warriors’ potential clinching Game 5.

James was also assessed with a technical foul.

Stu Jackson, a former NBA head coach and general manager who now acts as Associate Commissioner for the Big East Conference, offered his expert opinion on Twitter over the weekend. That expert opinion was enough to make the Warriors worried and begin preparing for the suspension that eventually came.

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