Dime Q&A: Brandon Knight Says Why Next Season In Milwaukee Will Be Different For Him

08.12.13 6 years ago
There is a certain level of maturity exuded in the personality of Brandon Knight. It’s a maturity that a third-year player at age 21 doesn’t often have. He isn’t concerned with highlight plays in his favor or against him. He is about getting better and just playing the game hard.

While most NBA players don’t look to Milwaukee as their destination of choice, he is embracing the trade that sent him there as an opportunity to grow both individually and with the new young core on the Bucks. Knight shared that and much more in an interview with Dime this summer.

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Dime: So the big talk obviously is the trade you were a part of. Many times trades are rumored and take days, weeks or months to complete. This just kind of happened all in one day. Tell me how you found out.
Brandon Knight: My brother called me and he let me know. Then my agent called me and then the team finally called me. And it just kind of trickled down like that.

Dime: Where were you when you actually got the news?
BK: I was just in the gym working out.

Dime: Give me your thoughts on your new team and coach in Milwaukee. What’s that situation looking like for you?
BK: It’s looking good, I’m very excited. A lot of new faces and players on our team. I think we have a lot of talent and we have a chance to be very good.

Dime: Anybody specifically you are looking forward to playing with on the Bucks?
BK: A couple players. O.J. (Mayo), I am looking forward to playing with him. Looking forward to playing with Larry Sanders and John Henson with their length and ability to block shots and protect the rim. I am looking forward to playing with pretty much everybody.

Dime: The combination of you and Mayo should be a good look for the Bucks next season. You guys are coming in kind of replacing their previous duo of Jennings and Ellis. What do you think you guys are going to be able to accomplish as a new up-and-coming backcourt?
BK: I think we have the ability, both of us, to defend our positions very well. I also think we can shoot the basketball very well. So I think those are two pluses that we have. O.J. is a pretty big guard and I think I’m a pretty big guard for my position. We’ll be a good backcourt as far as size, defense and the ability to shoot the basketball.

Dime: With the upcoming season are there any rookies you are excited to play against?
BK: Any rookies? Not really. I don’t know too many rookies that I’m looking forward to playing against. But you just have to show them the ropes and introduce them to the league. So that’s going to be my role…introduce them to the league and let them know how it is.

Dime: Do you have a relationship with the other Kentucky guys in the league?
BK: I’m cool with basically everybody I went to school with.

Dime: Now that Detroit is part of your past, what is your fondest memory as a Piston?
BK: That’s a tough question. I would probably say the relationship I built with the players, staff and some of the assistant coaches. That’s probably what I take away from Detroit, that’s the most important part of what I had there.

Dime: So is there anything that you wish were a little bit different? Obviously getting traded was tough but is there anything you wish went another way?
BK: Nah! No not at all. Everything happens for a reason. Detroit made their decision and I’m happy with it. I think it benefited me so I’m completely fine with it. It’s kind of a blessing, I am thankful that they did it. They put me in a situation that’s better for me individually and a place where I can continue to blossom. So I kind of thank Detroit for doing it.

Dime: Last season you were a part of one of the highlight plays of the year with that DeAndre Jordan dunk. Were you surprised by the way it kind of took off with social media and how people reacted?
BK: Surprised? Not really. In today’s society with people and how you mentioned social media I wasn’t really surprised. It just is what it is.

Dime: Did you catch flak from your friends and family too or do they just leave you alone about it knowing how competitive you are?
BK: I mean we joke about it here and there, especially when it first happened. But now… you know it happened. It’s in the wind and its part of basketball. One play, two plays, three plays or four plays aren’t going to affect my career. We laugh about it and we move on.

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