Dime Q&A: The Teague Brothers Shine A Light On The City They Love

06.09.14 5 years ago
The Teague brothers, Marquis and Jeff, provided a high level free basketball camp for boys grades 4-8 this past Saturday, June 7 at their Indianapolis Pike High School alma mater. Coming from the inner city, Jeff and Marquis Teague have banded together to provide an elite basketball instruction camp that will not only help the youngsters with their skills, but — perhaps more importantly — help kids grasp the concept of basketball as a tool to reach college and improve their future.

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Dime caught up with the Teague brothers to discuss their upcoming camp, their respective past seasons and how their offseason has been going.

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Dime: How are you guys doing? How has the offseason been treating both of you guys with training and everything?
Jeff Teague: Everything has been good, I’m actually in Indiana getting my conditioning up and getting my feet under me. This is actually the first summer that My brother and I are working out together so it’s been great. We both have been pushing each other to be better.
Marquis Teague: Yea, offseason been great. We just trying to stay in shape and just get better.

Dime: That’s cool, there is definitely nobody who can push you more than your brother. You know Jeff, you guys had a pretty good run in the playoffs. How is the outlook for the future of the Atlanta Hawks?
JT: Well, we had a good run and to be honest we should have won that series. We have a lot of great players and pieces not to mention we have a lot of people returning so we should be set to have a great year next season.

Dime: What about you Marquis? How was the first year with the Brooklyn Nets and playing alongside a bunch of vets in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett?
MT: Man it was great. It’s been great just learning from the vets. You know, Paul Pierce would play me one on one to help take my game to another level while KG would lay advice on me. So it has been an unbelievable experience.

Dime: Getting coached by a vet and arguably the greatest point guard to ever play the game in Jason Kidd was another great moment. How has that been?
MT: It’s been real good. I mean he is best pg to play the game and he’s my coach. So it is cool to pick his brain every day and learn from him.

Dime: Most definitely. Now you both were in good draft classes. Who is one player in this draft you believe will turn out to be a pretty good pro?
JT: I can answer that, and I would have to say Jabari Parker. He has a lot of the tools so I can see him being a pretty good player. Beside that I don’t really watch too many other players, but Jabari Parker for sure.

Click to hear about the Teague’s inner-city camp for the youth of Indianapolis…

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