Mavs Star Dirk Nowitzki Super Excited For “Game Day”

08.26.13 6 years ago

This ad drumming up support for Dallas Mavericks season ticket holders is better than most of the highlight packages team’s promotional department’s use. It features Dirk Nowitzki strolling around the Mavs offices stoked for “Game Day.”

Modeled on the GEICO commercials that have already become overplayed, this is Dirk at his finest. Most NBA teams don’t have this much fun with promotional videos, with a slab of humdrum highlights usually reserved for such occassions. All told, great work. The Mavericks have some new blood in Dallas, so their season ticket holders are probably like Dirk and can’t wait for “GAME DAY, WHAT WHATT!!”

h/t PBT

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