Dirk Reacts To Miami’s Jokes; Monta Ellis Wants Chicago?

06.12.11 8 years ago 49 Comments

You would think in the middle of the NBA Finals in a matchup between two veteran teams, we wouldn’t have to be dealing with kiddy stuff. But we are. And now Dirk, all 32 years of him, is speaking on it. After Nowitzki’s bout with a high fever earlier in the series, cameras caught D-Wade and LeBron poking fun at him, fake coughing and playing it up to suggest that perhaps Dirk was faking his sickness. It came back to the German and he had this to say to reporters after practice: “I just thought it was a little childish, a little ignorant. I’ve been in this league for 13 years. I’ve never faked an injury or illness.” For his part, Wade said that he actually did cough and then to play along with the media, he and LeBron played it off as if they were sick as well. Yeah, okay. While we don’t believe they did it in any harmful way, who does something like that in the Finals? As Dirk says, it seems childish and unnecessary. That’s the type of stunt you pull in December against the Clippers, not in the NBA Finals. Certainly, people are wondering how Dirk will respond on the court. He probably doesn’t care. Nothing has rattled him this far, so we’re pretty sure this won’t either … Despite his screwed-up hip, Brendan Haywood is going to give it a go in Game 6. This is HUGE news for Dallas. And it has nothing to do with Haywood. It just means no more Ian MahinmiNate Robinson got caught pissing in public early Friday morning. This dude has to be the most well-known player in the league who isn’t known for anything on the actual court. You think of Nate Robinson and you think of dunk contests, acting a fool on the bench and now pissing in public. Actually, we take that back. He did get some PT in the playoffs, but made a fool of himself with some ridiculous celebrations. Let’s hope he can get back on the court next year … “The Bay Area will never be the same.” Mark Jackson is predicting playoffs for the Warriors. Mark, you’re better than that! In all seriousness, pull off a decent trade for Monta Ellis and who knows? Probably not next year, but we can see it coming … Speaking of Ellis, reports are now coming out that his top destination (if he is traded) is Chicago. While the Bulls could definitely use some more perimeter scoring and someone to take the burden off D-Rose, putting Ellis and Rose in the same backcourt will hurt defensively. The Bulls’ front office has been reluctant to make drastic moves while building this team. We can’t see them doing it now … And besides the obvious candidates, who do y’all have as the big x-factors tonight? In Dallas, it was the Mavs’ bench that made the difference. Barea, Stevenson and Terry all did work. Now the question is: can they do it in Miami? For the Heat, they can’t expect much more than they’re getting out of Bosh & Chalmers. Is it Bibby that’ll hit some shots? Doubtful. Haslem? Again, we hate to keep saying it, but it probably comes down to LeBron. CAN’T WAIT … We’re out like UriNate Robinson.

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