Doc Rivers Insists That The Clippers Are Not ‘Trading Everybody Away’ After Moving Blake Griffin

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When the Clippers decided to trade Blake Griffin the the Detroit Pistons, many thought it signified that the team was on the verge of hitting the reset button. This is especially the case as DeAndre Jordan‘s name has been at the center of trade discussions for seemingly the entire season.

Reports indicated that the Clippers will be patient and wait for the best possible trade for Jordan and Lou Williams, and no one knows if that means they have a bar for both that a potential deal would need to clear or if they’ll line up every proposed deal once the trade deadline rolls around and pick the best. One thing is for sure: For those outside of Los Angeles, this sure looks like a team getting ready to blow everything up.

In Doc Rivers’ eyes, though, this is not the case. The Clippers’ coach spoke for the first time since Griffin was moved and made it a point to stress that the team isn’t trying to get rid of everyone with an eye on bottoming out.

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