Donte DiVincenzo’s Game-Winning Three Was Only The Sixth Shot To Earn A Mike Breen Double Bang

TNT and NBA TV were the national broadcasters for the three playoff games that took place on Monday night — TNT got instant classics in Sixers-Knicks and Lakers-Nuggets, while NBA TV had the game between the Magic and the Cavs. Because of this, Mike Breen didn’t have anything to do for ESPN, which meant that he got to do the Knicks game for MSG alongside Clyde Frazier.

By know, you probably know how that game ended: The Knicks scored eight points in the final 27 seconds in somewhat controversial fashion to steal Game 2 from the Sixers, with a three by Donte DiVincenzo giving them the lead down the stretch. It was such a big moment that Breen blessed it with a double bang, which is basketball’s version of being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Breen has long exclaimed “BANG!” when someone hits a big shot, but the double bang is a rarity — DiVincenzo’s triple is only the sixth time he’s ever used it, and the second time he’s done it on an MSG broadcast. Fortunately, someone at the NBA had a very good idea and decided to put all of them together in a video that his socials on Tuesday morning.

I would like to thank whomever let me take 3:19 this morning to watch this, and I recommend you, dear reader, do the same.