Only Doris Burke Could Get The Best Of Gregg Popovich During An In-Game Interview

05.14.17 12 months ago

Getty Image

Gregg Popovich was already feeling a little feisty before Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals on Sunday. When speaking to reporters before tip-off, he seized the opportunity – once again – to go in on Donald Trump.

But if we’ve learned anything from the wonderfully-acerbic Spurs coach, it’s that he doesn’t need much of a reason to get in one of his moods, especially when it comes to the ever-dreaded sideline interview.

A lot of reporters just fumble their way through Pop’s brusque responses and try their best to do their job, but since it’s Mother’s Day, Doris Burke just decided to just call it good and save herself some misery after one quick question.

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