Jack Armstrong Took Drake’s Giant Teddy Bear Fur Coat On The Raptors Broadcast

It was fairly cold in Toronto on Wednesday night as the Raptors played host to the Nets, which naturally meant that Drake rolled up in a giant teddy bear fur coat to watch the game from his customary courtside seat.

He had the coat on the scorers table next to his seat, which is close to the Raptors’ TV broadcast crew of Matt Devlin and Jack Armstrong, and for the first half Armstrong decided to wear Drake’s coat, which led to some hilarity on the Raptors broadcast. Drake threw on a headset and joined the guys as they joked about how the teddy fur was “changing” Jack, with Drake saying he had turned into a walking meme of “listens to ‘Her Loss’ once.”

The best part is, Armstrong didn’t just have the coat on briefly as a bit, he sat there in the giant fur throughout the first half, which made for an incredible visual every time the two teams went down to that end of the floor, as he was unmissable at the scorers table in Drake’s coat. I hope Drake just lets him keep it, because he is really pulling it off and I’m sure Drake can afford to get himself another fur.