Drake Wore Dell Curry’s Raptors Jersey To Game 1 Of The NBA Finals


The Toronto Raptors put together a staggering four-game run in toppling the Milwaukee Bucks and the franchise’s prize was its first-ever trip to the NBA Finals. Though there was a great deal of attention paid to Kawhi Leonard and company for their on-court exploits, a lot of buzz emanated from the sideline, where Drake grabbed a ton of headlines for his courtside manner. In fact, the hip-hop star is now making waves with his fashion choices on a game-by-game basis and, for Game 1 against the Golden State Warriors, Drake got creative with his attire.

Yes, Drake decided to wear a Dell Curry Raptors jersey, which probably isn’t a coincidence with Steph Curry in the building.


In all honesty, this is a brilliant choice from Drake. Some have disagreed with the way he has acted at times during the NBA Playoffs and the NBA even discussed his sideline presence with the Raptors. However, everyone (at least outside of Oakland) can probably agree that this is an amusing and on-brand choice, with Drake making sure to inject himself into the festivities and a perfect tip of the cap to Raptors history.

It remains to be seen as to whether Drake will (directly) interact with Raptors head coach Nick Nurse or attract attention in another manner within the confines of the 48-minute basketball game. Before tip-off, though, he made quite a statement and it had crossover appeal.