Draymond Green Explained Why He ‘Can’t Get With’ Rudy Gobert Crying Over His All-Star Snub

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Rudy Gobert will not be playing in Charlotte come All-Star Weekend, and by now, he’s probably fine with that. But in the moment, when speaking with reporters about the snub last week, he got a little emotional. Shedding tears over All-Star voting, as we learned, didn’t sit particularly well with Draymond Green.

The Golden State Warrior and absolute arbiter of what it is and is not ok to be sad about decided to make fun of Gobert on Twitter shortly after video of press meeting went viral. Green, who presumably might have other things to worry about on one of the greatest NBA teams ever, has stood by his decision to poke fun at Gobert.

Green was on C.J. McCollum’s “Pull Up” podcast and explained why he was critical of Gobert crying.

Green explained why he “can’t get with” Gobert showing emotion over the All-Star voting, claiming he was raised differently than Gobert.

“I guess I was just raised a little different. That’s just not OK with me. I’m all for passion and people showing their emotion and all these things, but to cry that you don’t make the All-Star Game is a bit much for me,” Draymond explained. “And credit to Rudy — he didn’t make it and he had 25 and 13 that night. Go do that though … credit to him for going out and having the game he had right after thinking he should have been an All-Star and not getting the nod. I respect that and I rock with that.

“But the first part (crying) — I can’t get with that. I don’t believe in that. I don’t think that’s cool.”

Green is trying to be clear here: Putting in the effort on the floor is what matters most to him, and that’s cool. But what he’s hinting at with not believing in showing emotion is, well, a bit damaging here. He’s hinting that it’s not masculine to show emotion which, well, just isn’t true. Considering how emotional a player Green is, he’s simply drawing the line at what comes out of your eyes when you’re feeling a certain emotion.

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