Even Noted Dirty Player Draymond Green Thinks Kelly Olynyk Is A Dirty Player

05.08.17 12 months ago 2 Comments

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Celtics big man Kelly Olynyk has a growing reputation around the league for being a dirty player. The conversation really began when his pull of Kevin Love’s arm resulted in the Cavs big man dislocating his shoulder in the 2015 playoffs and has continued due to other incidents over the past two years, reaching another boiling point in Game 3 of Celtics-Wizards.

Kelly Oubre took exception to a hard screen from Olynyk and ran over and shoved him to the ground afterwards, earning an ejection and a one game suspension. That incident reignited the discussion of whether Olynyk is a dirty player or just a hard-nosed, physical player that toes the line and occasionally crosses it. His history has led many to point to the former as the answer, and you can count Warriors all-star big man, Defensive Player of the Year candidate, and habitual line-stepper Draymond Green among those that aren’t down with Olynyk’s shenanigans.

Green called out Olynyk as a “dirty player” on his podcast for Uninterrupted, and said he has no respect for Olynyk and others that do those kinds of things. He also explained why he felt Oubre shouldn’t have been suspended for an additional game after the ejection.

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