Draymond Green’s Mom Wrote An Amazing Letter To All Of The Warriors’ Critics

02.28.16 2 years ago
Draymond Green


There is a biological change that happens when someone becomes a parent. The need to defend that tiny human from hurt and harm, no matter how big or small, becomes an imperative of the highest order. They will fight tooth and nail to ensure the well-being of their offspring. Or, in the case of Draymond Green‘s mom, Mary Babers-Green, they will pen the angriest, most amazing letter to all of their child’s critics.

The Warriors have inexplicably come under fire recently from previous players like Oscar Robertson and Stephen Jackson, the former also criticized the coaching atmosphere in today’s NBA. Well, Babers-Green had enough. She wrote a letter, published by the Bay Area News Group, railing against said critics. Below is an excerpt. You’re highly encouraged to read all of it.

Even after such a great year, and the Warriors following that with sheer domination this season, the “so-called experts” and former basketball players are slinging mud at Golden State. All the talk is about what the Warriors can’t do, what would have happened in another day, why what they are doing isn’t so great after all. MOVE ON! It happens with every generation. Whatever happened to wanting the next generation to be better than the last? What ever happened to being supportive, proud and uplifting, considering what this team is doing to spread the appeal of the game? STOP SPEWING ENVY! Especially you former players, even you legends, these players are who you use to be. They are walking following your footsteps. And nothing they have said or done suggests they aren’t appreciative and grateful for their predecessors. You have their respect. So RELAX! Last time I checked, records are made to be broken. Eras are going to change. Progress is supposed to be good.

The Golden State Warriors are not the ONLY GREAT TEAM. Because they are taking the league by storm, dominating their peers in a way no team has done before, doesn’t make other great teams invalid. It’s just that now is the Warriors’ time.

We are left speechless. It would be one thing if the letter was just full of hate and vitriol, attacking everyone who dared criticize her son. But it isn’t! It’s as much of a plea as it is a defense, imploring people – former players, coaches, and critics alike – to just relax and appreciate the Warriors for what they are. Oh, it’s also a reminder to never, ever piss off Mary Babers-Green.

(Bay Area News Group)

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