A Frustrated Draymond Green Took A Play Off During Warriors-Thunder

Draymond Green has rarely been one to hide his emotions on the court. That passion has often worked in the Golden State Warriors’ favor, as they’ve won four championships in eight seasons, thanks in part to Green’s play and boisterous leadership. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t benefit them. Late in the first half of Tuesday’s game between Golden State and the Oklahoma City Thunder, that proved to be the case.

Green flashed to the free-throw line, but neither Jordan Poole nor Klay Thompson passed him the ball in a timely manner. As a result, Green stopped calling for a pass and turned his back away from Thompson, clearly frustrated by the outcome. Yet just as Green did that, Thompson sent a pass toward Green, though the damage was already done. The ball sailed past Green and into Lu Dort’s arms, which ignited a fast break for the Thunder. However, Oklahoma City couldn’t immediately convert that chance, missing three different layups and coming up empty on the possession.

The whole sequence is rather amusing. Thompson finding Green right as Green heads the other way, Green walking toward the sideline, Oklahoma City botching the fast break, all of it is art. Basketball is beautiful and humorous. Thank you, folks.