Here’s Video Of Draymond Green Telling Tristan Thompson ‘I Don’t F*ck With You’ After The NBA Finals

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Draymond Green very much enjoyed his third championship parade in Oakland on Tuesday. While Green wasn’t necessarily the main star of the day — that honor likely goes to the shirtless, robed Nick Young or rookie Jordan Bell who jumped into the crowd in search of more Hennessy — he was still very much Draymond. That included another shirt trolling LeBron James, with the Arthur fist meme with three Warriors championship rings.

It also included Green getting lathered up and dropping some trash talk in the form of a story about Tristan Thompson, in which he said he told Thompson after Game 4 they are “cut from a different cloth” when Thompson tried to shake his hand. Shortly after Green’s proclamation in Oakland, the good folks at WarriorsWorld produced video evidence of this encounter.

Green did, indeed, snub Thompson for a postgame handshake, but he didn’t say anything about being cut from a different cloth. Instead, he went with a far more simple message: “I don’t f*ck with you.”

If there were any doubts that Green was telling the truth in his parade story, this puts it to rest (although the wording is a bit different). Green clearly has respect for a lot of the Cavaliers, but Thompson would not be counted as one of those players. Who knows exactly what it is that Thompson’s done over their years of Finals battles to earn this response from Green, but there’s clearly some genuine animosity that goes beyond just being rivals on the basketball court.